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At VDS our goal is to create the website our clients need, not what a designer thinks looks cool.  Our clients know as well as we do, a fancy tool that doesn't work is just a paper weight, we don't make paper weights. 

We have knowledge and expertise to build you the site that will help your business serve its' customers and grow its' base.  From websites, social media, email marketing to custom written tools that are unique to your situation we can do it.  We are an affordable high value website design agency that delivers on time and on budget.

Hillside Community Church

Hillside Community Church

Hillside Community Church (HCC) in Porterville CA, needed an updated website for their church. They contacted ValleyDS Website Design to help them out. With event information and lots of content they needed to get out, we custom built a design that would fit their needs. With an easy to use interface, they can manage their entire site without the need to know any code. We also built them a page to accept applications for their new head pastor position, this gave them an organized easy way to accept large audo/video files with ease.

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To say that Valley Digital Solutions was helpful would be an understatement. They have bent over backwards to help us design and utilize our church’s website. Their customer service and professionalism is second to none. They know how to complete a job from start to finish and do everything they can to ensure that you get the product that you want. We really appreciate all that they do to make it easy and efficient to operate and update our website. We highly recommend them for all of your web-design needs.

--Hillside Community Church, Porterville CA.

The ValleyDS Website Design Process


Step 1:


We sit down and talk. We find out what you need to build your marketing plan and how we can help you get it. After we chat we create a proposal of what it will take to get what you need. You get to review the proposal and see if we are the design and marketing company for you.


Step 2:


If you decide you want to work with us, we get the paperwork together and start digging into the details and collecting the content for your site. We will create wireframes and mock-ups for every page of your site so you know exactly what things will look like and how they will work before the website is ever built.


Step 3:


Once you are satisfied with the design of the site we will start building. At this point we will get domain names if you still need them and will set up a test site so that you can see the progress being made on your website.


Step 4:


When the site is built we go through and test to make sure that your site is functioning properly with different browsers and devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


Step 5:


You review the site to make sure that everything you originally wanted from your website is there, and done right. We will double check to make sure links and social media interactions are all working the way they should.


Step 6:


Once the final review is done and we have thouroughly triple checked to make sure everything is picture perfect, we will launch the site. Once live it will be tested again to make sure that everything trasfered to the live site perfectly.



If you are interested in finding out more information about how we work and what we can do to serve you please feel free to call us at (559) 838.6539 for information over the phone or just click on the request a consultation button if you would like to sit down and talk with us.

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