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Why A Content Site

A great website is all about responding to the needs and wants of your customers. While attractive design, novel features and many other off the shelf tools are great, nothing replacing good content that fulfills the needs of your customers. Our starter website, and the many services that are out there can help you get a website started, but fall short in helping you craft a unique message, features and services that will meet your unique needs.

That’s what we can help you build with your website. We listen and learn about what you do, and then help you build content and features that will allow you to serve and interact with you customer. With our ability build custom features and design unique solutions we can build you the tools you need to reach your customers.

  • Goal Oriented Website 100%
  • No Contracts 100%
  • Work With Someone Local 100%
  • Own Your Content and Domain 100%

We work with you to create goals for you website to achieve. That way there is a purpose and focus to where we want to take it.

We take our goals and come up with a strategy on how best to meet those goals. Building a social media strategy, newsletters, and content delivery to get your message out.

Once we have defined our goal and made our plan we start to build. The design and code are focused and guided by the goals we have set helping to remove any potential distractions for meeting your customers needs.

We give you more then a gut feeling that things are going okay. Once your website is up we track how the website is doing in meeting the goals with real numbers. This allows us to objectively and methodically make changes to your website with purpose.

How We Do It

Our process is designed to help you invest your money into a website that will meet the needs of you and your customers. By helping you define the goals of the website and what it needs to do, it allows us to build your website with measurable purpose. Once we know the goals and purpose behind your website we build a strategy on how the website is going to meet those goals. This plan helps keep the website trim and fit, leaving off things that will distract customers from reaching the goals you have set. Then we can design and build your website around those goals in a way that can easily adapt to new needs and new goals over time.

Once your website is built, we can now track how visitors to your website are using it. We can make educated decisions on how to serve your customers better, by improving and fine-tuning your website to best achieve its’ goals. As time goes on we continue to work with you to update and maintain your site to keep it relevant to your customers

Better Service

Make educated decisions on how to serve your customers better

Why We Do It

Being a small website design business in Tulare County, we have seen too many people taken advantage of, or be intimidated by task of getting a great website started. We want to make owning a website as easy and accessible as possible for local businesses and make some money at the same time. By focusing on building our business on long term residual profits, being local, and offering no contracts we are dependent on building trust and long term relationships with our clients that serve their needs.


Long term relationships with local businesses is what keeps our doors open.

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