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There are a great many off the shelf products out there and when we can, we recommend them because they are much more cost-effective to use then building from scratch. However sometimes there is need for a website or application to be created from the ground up, or customized to fit the unique needs of a business. Our first goal when working with a client is to help them find out if what they need is already out there, we have pointed clients that are willing to spend money towards much more inexpensive options or even free. We don’t want to charge our clients for development that they later find out was unnecessary!  That being said, we love to code and we thrive on finding solutions to  unique problems where there isn’t a tool for the job (yet!).

  • Truly Custom 100%
  • Creative Solutions 100%
  • Work With Someone Local 100%
  • Development Beyond Code 100%

Often clients know the goal they have, but don’t have a clear picture of how to achieve it. That’s why we listen, to understand the goal and contribute ideas and paths to get there they may not have thought of.

We don’t create long specs. We prefer to narrow down the best ideas early and start forward on building. This helps narrow the focus of a project and get end-users involved more quickly.

By having users test early on in the process we quickly discover where features may work, but are difficult to use. This allows us to quickly adapt and change course before change becomes cumbersome. This also helps end-users to take ownership in the project, builds interest and eases the shift between old applications and new.

Our Experience

If you are looking for someone to build a web based application, you don’t want a company that has never handled the extra effort of managing a large scale project. We have experience building sites from the ground up, taking them from an idea on a napkin to a fully functioning product. Our experience has taught us that working closely with our client through the whole process and using development tools like Test Driven Development, Experience Testing and involving end users as quickly as possible, all help to deliver a high quality application that fits the needs of our client’s business.

Why We Do It

At heart, we here at ValleyDS Website Design are nerds. One of our greatest passions is not just writing code and building websites but truly pursuing craftsmanship in our development process. This means making sure that even those places that will probably never be seen are still polished. It means that when we deliver a product, its function and form blend into a tool that is a pleasure to use.

Quality Code

Craftsmanship in code.

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