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Why The Startup Website?

As a small business owner, if you are just starting out or if you have been at it for a while, you know you have to be online with your own website. You may be overwhelmed with your options, not sure where to start or have been put off by the expense of building a website. You know you can buy a website from a big name provider or get a really discounted site from your neighbor’s cousin who builds websites as a hobby, but you’re not really sure how to define a good website and you don’t want to waste money on features you don’t need.

ValleyDS Website Design saw the need. Many local businesses wanted to be online but did not have the time to research and build their own site or the money for their dream site. That’s why we designed our starter sites, to give our clients an inexpensive way to build a quality website with someone they can trust.

  • Save Time 100%
  • No Contracts 100%
  • Work With Someone Local 100%
  • Own Your Content and Domain 100%
  • Domain name – $10/year
  • Website Hosting – $50/mnth
  • Email Hosting – $5/mnth
  • WordPress CMS – Free CMS
  • WordPress  Plugins – Free
  • Themeforest – $40-$80 per Template
  • Elegant Themes – $89/year
  • Pagelines – $199 + $30/mnth
  • Google Analytics – Free
  • Google Webmaster Tools – Free
  • Cloudflare DNS SPAM Filter – Free

How We Do It

The last thing we want to do is provide a flimsy product that won’t deliver to our clients or put them in a box now that is going to cost more time and money in the long run. Our starter sites provide a solid working website that can begin to build your web presence. If you start to outgrow that initial site, the framework is built to allow expansion without having to start over from scratch.

Our starter sites are built using many free tools available on the web. Much of it can be learned for free in any number of online tutorials. In fact, to the left is a list of the basic tools we use and what those tools cost ValleyDS.

The cost of building your own site comparable to our starter sites, is around $150. Our materials cost is around $60 – $100 per site. Of course the money is only one half of the investment, the second half is time. While some of the tools and tutorials on how to use them may be free, to make use of them costs much more (in time that is). It would take about 40-80 hours for someone with little experience to build one of our starter sites. Is that time worth more to you in other areas of your business than the $100-$150 you would pay us to do it for you?

The Question Is

Does it make sense to spend an extra $100 to have a professional build your website for you? We think so.

Why We Do It

In our years of operation in Tulare County, we have seen too many business owners pressured into a purchase they don’t need or intimidated by the task of getting a website started. We want to make owning a great website as easy and accessible as possible for our local businesses. By being local ourselves, and not trapping our clients into long term contracts,  we are dependent on building trust and long term relationships with our clients. Our excellent customer service is the only thing we count on to keep our client’s business. If at anytime our clients feel we aren’t meeting their needs they are free to take their hosting and site maintenance elsewhere. They own their sites.


Long term relationships with local businesses is what keeps our doors open.

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